The design for the logo needed to speak of security and reliability when customers trusted the company with their storage items, so I tried numerous ways to incorporate a lock into the wordmark.


Art Bolt needed a strong, aggressive character to convey the energetic creativity of an online illustration resource community.


Lifetime’s natural, holistic take on personal training had to express a fitness idea combined with a friendlier grassroots feel. The Bhodi tree was initially used as a symbol for physical/spiritual wellness, but simplified down to a single leaf as its sum.


With a pretty clear direction from the outset the challenge for rejuvenating Manestreet came from deriving the right style and sense of history from a 35 year old family business.


Rouge started as a simple branding project, playing on the 'timeless' use of the word as a vintage descriptor for blush. With a rose as the centerpiece requested by the client, I played with incorporating it into a variety of slab-serif typefaces for a classy look. Later iterations revealed a preference for a modern style with only a subtle vintage feeling, achieved with an attenuated san-serif. The client's request for 'ombre' jewel tones lead to a letterform that represented the delicate preciousness of a cut gemstone.  

Logo|  Steeltree Designs

SteelTree was a project with little direction other than a web company and a tree motif. I tried a few more geometric approaches for a clean modern look, but eventually veered towards something a little more sophisticated. The client had a moody tone in mind, so I experimented with a sharp, clean serif font that I could pull elements from into the tree shape.


The local web startup did it's best to evolve a simple service to help online shoppers collect relevant sales/deals in an easy to use hub. Flyerbay evolved around a friendly nautical theme, representing a ‘safe haven in a sea of deals.’