I am a flex designer & problem solver.

I like to explore solutions to find the best fit and have learned a diversity of tools enough to action the right one for the right job. Keeping an open mind towards ideas, execution and critical feedback are important to me, and I feel help keeps a project on-track through shared clarity. My inexorable need to stay organized keeps me centred during chaotic timelines, and helps me understand the big picture when taking the lead, but I am equally humble enough to put in work when it requires it.

Illustration is my emotional playground, but my most rewarding application of design is one that goes beyond communication into reciprocal interaction. To better understand a more meaningful empathetic approach to UX design I’ve been developing a few board games in my spare time, shopping it around to new users and growing the game around their interactions. In the meantime I’ve also been pushing my knowledge of front-end dev to better collaborate with the developers I work with.