Neojac Work

Finished at Neojac, and here are some of the fruits of my labor there. It was a fantastic experience working with the dev team to see assets created start to finish. I learned a hell of a lot in a relatively small amount of time. I feel that much more prepared for anything the next company I work for can throw at me. I also learned valuable lessons in polish, refinement of concepts, a bit of how Maya works and a myriad of CS5 shortcuts to expedite my workflow. The remainder of my work can be seen on my newly redesigned website:

Alien Marauders

I have an idea for a race of underground invaders based on a cross between wasps and ants, with the physiology of gastropods like shelled sea-snails. The idea is of a hive of varied creatures that can interlink with one another using specialized extremities in their soft tissue to form more complex creatures. This also gives the attack forms the ability to swap between a number of simpler organisms that function like living weapons. I'm doing my best to exaggerate forms try to come up with unique silhouettes. Seeing as how ideating the crux of a new concept is one of my favorite parts of the process, I figured I'd show some.