Ahm Backup Onmah Grind!

It's true, I'm no longer dangerously sick or overworked, and I figured the best way to celebrate is with more raw sketch power! So here's the latest figure studies originally done in a variety of media, but adjusted for a more harmonious presentation.


Still trying to take what I've learned from Force: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators and trying to push fluid movement by drawing through the forms to carry the 'ski slope' rhythm and working with straight/curved shapes. I try to get a good stack of sketches to work with first, so I can skim the cream of the crop, even if it is more work arranging them in puzzle-piece compositions. Currently keeping the sketching going as much as possible in between writing covers letters for any range of graphic design/illustration work.

Cavalcade of Figures

Now that I can settle down in the city for a while, I've taken up the figure drawing flagship for better or worse. I'd like to become more comfortable and confident just using pencil, but I've found that playing around with a thick graphite stick has helped me to loosen up doing gestures. To help me improve I've borrowed "Force: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators" by Michael D. Mettesi from Sho, which is currently blowing my mind.

Figure Drawing is RAW POWER

I've been attending various figure drawing sessions over many months and I just realized how good of an idea it would be to post them and showcase my ability to convey accurate human anatomy. So here's all my favorites!