Gypsy Danger, Heretic Slayer

Detail Version

Detail Version

What happens when you combine deadly pinup art with the grim darkness of the far future? Only Warrior Women of course! My friend Paul Gheran had commissioned a unique patch design to complement his already fearsome combat gear for his airsoft team to rally behind. The objective was to take the format of the brutal femme fatale of the Gipsy Danger art from Pacific Rim and spin it with the hallmarks of a resolute Sister of Battle, to be rendered in a stitched patch.

Paul's enthusiasm for the 40k mythos impressed me at every angle of the project evolution, and I could only hope to capture that energy in the final version. Myself a plastic addict (though loyal to the traitor legions of course) it was a fun project to explore some of the gothic stylings of the imperial crusaders in vectored glory.

Alternative Colour Scheme

Initial Exploration



Crow Hags

Trying to get back into the habit of illustration again, I'm going to try start with a new sketch every few weeks. Just for fun I'm going to spit out a few fantasy concepts that have been rattling around for a while.

When you hear a particularly nasty crow cawing, I just love the purity of the expression, even if it's the sound of something repugnant. One of our new neighbours calls across the street to her dog in what sounds to me like a similar sound, so why not bring both ideas together and create a cackling hag? For the sake of redesigning a classic fairytale trope, why not make three together? For variety I made their profiles exaggeratingly different.  I wanted every aspect of theirs to be gnarled, decaying, tangled, torn and messy.

The bottom left was the first iteration, I like the idea of semi-beast-like people who scrounge in the didrt for herbs and have tanlged branches in their hair. Each of them uses a shawl differently as an element of the elderly. There's something unsusual about an elderly person's nakedness, so I felt the partial clothing might emphasise that. Of the walking canes I had a last idea to make the heaviest roam ponderously on imporssibly tiny canes, feet dangling even.

More to come soon!

Xotl, Inter-dimensional Sentient Hypercube

Another Pantheon of Fiends addition, Xotl is the corporeal manifestation of a piece of alien technology so hyperintelligent, it synthesized DNA to grow itself a biological body from it's cube form (Centre Chest). The idea was originally inspired from some kind of creature with only a brain for a head, overemphasizing the supporting tissues like the sternocleidomastoid to give it a unique silhouette for all that psychic brainpower. Its conception was found in bands like Fallujah and Rings of Saturn

Blood Suckers!

If I had all the time in the world, I would revisit every trope you can think of in storytelling, and challenge the conventions to try to re-envision it in a way you hadn't thought of before. I know it because it's the feeling I chase when I see something extraordinarily cool in a movie or game and think "damn that's clever, why didn't I think of that???" This is one such idea for a vampire as a withered husk, intending to gorge on blood like a mosquito. I'd really like to paint it up sometime, so show off the translucency of the heart bulging with blood, like the mosquito's thorax.

Endless Teeth

"Dont' let the bastards grind you down." This is a quick and dirty render of a creature I couldn't stop developing. I wanted to play with the idea of some kind of inexorable abomination that's all gnashing teeth at every angle. The pinkish appearance is meant to look kind of like he's made of gnobbly gums all over, and inflamed around the gnarly molars used as clubs. For extra effect, his inner torso should look like a fleshy tongue to savour his unlucky victims. Even with all the added accents, I can't help but feel it could use more character/details. Or maybe I've just been staring at it too long...Anyways, The whole idea was inspired by an album by "The Red Cord" called "Fed Through the Teeth Machine."

Tattoo Concpetuals

After a long hiatus, here's a series of tattoo sketches I'm working up for a few friends. The first is an Ouroboros, a snake eating it's own tail as a symbol of infinity. I tried a variety of Mayan styles to choose from. the second set of sketches is a symbol of Baphomet, a pagan deity of duality.

Ahm Backup Onmah Grind!

It's true, I'm no longer dangerously sick or overworked, and I figured the best way to celebrate is with more raw sketch power! So here's the latest figure studies originally done in a variety of media, but adjusted for a more harmonious presentation.

If you Could Swing a Sword With Your Feet, What Would It Look Like?

This week's Mythological Mayhem project (or maybe last week's) is the Turul. Basically it's a Mongolian hawk that swings a flaming sword and impregnates women in their dreams. So my instinct is to immediately anthropomorphize it, functioning similarly to a man with all the necessary uh, equipment. So if this bird swung a giant sword with it's powerful talons, how would it do it? I've recently been inspired by Joy Ang's work again, how easily she switches from smooth stylization to sharp realism. thus I'll be switching gears to better articulate a similar style. Also the giant fantasy sword definitely comes courtesy of Paul Richards. I just couldn't resist.


Still trying to take what I've learned from Force: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators and trying to push fluid movement by drawing through the forms to carry the 'ski slope' rhythm and working with straight/curved shapes. I try to get a good stack of sketches to work with first, so I can skim the cream of the crop, even if it is more work arranging them in puzzle-piece compositions. Currently keeping the sketching going as much as possible in between writing covers letters for any range of graphic design/illustration work.


This one was a bit of a process. My first attempt I tried to skip the whole design process and just get to the sketch while doing a sketchnight with friends. Needless to say, it ended up lifeless, unoriginal, and akward. Unsatisfied, I gathered my research, sprawled out hordes of thumbnails, and launched into it again during another sketchgroup, and met with much more success. I opted out of creating a 'noble, gentle' creature to try my hand at capturing the passion a Chinese dragon invokes through an energetic action. So here is what our description was:
A variant of the Unicorn from the mythology and traditions of China. The Ky-Lin has the head of a dragon, with a single horn, the mane of a lion, the body of a stag, and the tail of an ox. This is taken to indicate that the Ky-Lin represents the five elements and the five virtues. It is also said to embody the yin-yang balance between masculine and feminine: "Ky" meing male and "Lin" female. Its single horn stands for the unity of the world under one great ruler and the Ky-Lin, which normally lives in Paradise, only visits the world at the birth of wise philosophers or during the reign of especially virtuous monarchs. Like its Western cousin, the Ky-Lin is always represented as extremely gentle and it never uses its horn to defend itself. In Chinese art, it appears in the company of sages and immortals, and anyone shown mounted on a Ky-Lin must be a person of great fame or virtue. The term 'To ride a Ky-Lin' indicates a person of outstanding luck and ability. It personifies all that is good, pure and peaceful in the world.