Xotl, Inter-dimensional Sentient Hypercube

Another Pantheon of Fiends addition, Xotl is the corporeal manifestation of a piece of alien technology so hyperintelligent, it synthesized DNA to grow itself a biological body from it's cube form (Centre Chest). The idea was originally inspired from some kind of creature with only a brain for a head, overemphasizing the supporting tissues like the sternocleidomastoid to give it a unique silhouette for all that psychic brainpower. Its conception was found in bands like Fallujah and Rings of Saturn

3G Generation Gap

I was recently commissioned by Swerve magazine to do an editorial illustration for their Dec 23rd issue. The article covers a quirky story about older generation folks jumping on the communication technology train with full force! I challenged myself to make the piece entirely vector-based in illustrator. There are still so many different styles to try I'll have to do another one soon!The article can be seen here.