3G Generation Gap

I was recently commissioned by Swerve magazine to do an editorial illustration for their Dec 23rd issue. The article covers a quirky story about older generation folks jumping on the communication technology train with full force! I challenged myself to make the piece entirely vector-based in illustrator. There are still so many different styles to try I'll have to do another one soon!The article can be seen here.

The Smoke Clears

It's been a busy time since landing again after comic con, and a lot has happened. I've done a bunch of work for Neojac Inc., who I'm now fully employed by. The work should be available to view on the Islands of War website sometime soon though. In the spaces in between work I've been plugging away at Musket Smoke assets. Most are in-game icons and page layouts, but I've decided to release some of the transition screen landscape paintings for the game. Again I'm trying to simplify things for a kind of textural graphic approach. It's been a good lesson in committing to distinct values/shapes, and really letting the brush strokes come through in the details.